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New release, Speak Destiny: A Powerful Path To Embrace Your True Self, Overcome Negativity, and Find Your Freedom is a powerful and heartfelt book designed to help women everywhere discover how to embrace their true selves, cultivate emotional and mental wellbeing and create their ideal lives. With a heartfelt exploration of the societal pressures, harmful mindsets and emotional burdens which hold women back, inside you'll find a practical selection of techniques for transforming your mindset and overcoming whatever challenges you face. 

Covering how to accept yourself with honesty and vulnerability, how to practice forgiveness, how to free yourself from negative mindsets through positive self-talk and affirmations, and so much more, Speak Destiny provides readers with a proven roadmap for spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness. Plus, with a 45-day plan to help you implement everything you learn, this book is perfect for any woman who wants to discover her true potential and live her best life. Order your copy today!

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What People Are Saying

This is an extraordinarily rich book, written as though the author were speaking to the reader face-to-face. I would recommend it as a mini bible should for black women everywhere (and really, anyone who wants to do the hard work of getting to know themselves better, and experience astronomical growth in their beings). We need to be reminded of our worth every day, despite all the battles that attempt to keep us down.

I have been compelled to ask myself if I have been wearing any mask for prolonged periods, and it now seems like the real me when it is in fact, not who I truly am. “Who am I?” As I leaf through the chapters of this book, I have been forced top ask myself this question repeatedly, and to give truthful answers as well. As a woman, I am encouraged by society to morph into different versions of myself that suits others, but have I lost myself in the process?

O. Abioye

I am reminded of the fact that trauma is not a prerequisite for love, and struggle love should be outlawed. I deserve soft love and all its attendant benefits. Thanks for writing such a wholesome and highly impactful book!

SPEAK DESTINY is transformation, empowerment, affirmation, and healing aimed at redefining the female folks against the negative labels of their male counterparts as mere helpers, subservient, and those whose emotional psychological, and mental well-being matter less.

SPEAK DESTINY provides corrective measures to reassert unlimited achievements of women, dignity of womanhood and mutual respect. And generally, gives hope to a failing mind.

-T. Avery

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